Our Story, by Paige (age 7)

"Once a little girl named Paige got a tila bracelet.  She loved it.  She wore it all the time.  She wore it at the lake, in the shower.  Then one day her mother, Rachel, got the idea to start a company to sell tila bracelets.  Now we call them Libbbies Bracelets.  We sell them at stores and online.  Libbies are the best."
Hey there - we are a mom and three beautiful daughters who have worked together to design and create Libbies Bracelets.  Libbies stands for Liberty, which is a gift we cherish in every way.  We now have a team of women and girls, sisters and friends, who help to make our venture successul.
We LOVE designing Libbies Bracelets and seeing which Libbies people choose for themselves, and to share.  Thank you for checking us out!
Have Joy.  Choose Happiness.  Be Free.