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Tila Bracelets

Libbies Tila Bracelets are made of lightweight flat glass beads, wearing Libbies is... 

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Who doesn't love simplicity and versatility?  These necklaces are just that.  May be... 

About Us

  • Comfort

    Made of lightweight glass beads, wearing Libbies is second nature. Libbies stretch easily, and slide comfortably onto your wrist.

  • Versatility

    Sleek, comfy & chic - wear Libbies 24/7! Libbies go anywhere: in the pool, on a run, and at the desk.

  • Libbies Bracelets


    Dress up for the night life, or down for leisure. Wear them singly or pair them with another favorite. Libbies Bracelets are made to fit any scene.

Libbies Life

For any lifestyle or age, Libbies Bracelets are a stunning accessory.

"Super cute bracelet. Love the size of the tiles. They aren’t bulky and it’s easy to pair with several other bracelets." -Claire

Tila Bracelets

Libbies Look

Dress up for night life, or dwon for leisure. Wear them singly, pair them with another favorite, or go a little wild - be a little Libbies!

"I am so happy with this order! The bracelet arrived so quickly. It arrived well packaged and just as charming as the photos!! I am in love with it!! I have worn it since arrival and I am so surprised and pleased at the lightness and comfort of this bracelet. I want to buy more!!" -gardenblooms


Libbies Love

We love designing Libbies Bracelets and seeing which Libbies people choose for themselves, and to share.

"These bracelets are the BEST!!! Super comfy and stylish, I wear them all day and don’t even notice them. They hold up really well, I can shower, go to the gym, go swimming, whatever and they stay looking amazing! Highly recommend!!!" -Becca

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